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So, we decided to island hop in the Dutch Caribbean. And planes were the thrill ride element of the trip, BY FAR!!!

The first adventurous encounter with an airplane was on St. Maarten. But not the one that I flew in on. Instead, you can see what your jet looked like when it touched down, and took off. The runway of the major airport has been built close to a little beach. The end of the airstrip is very close to a the actual sand. The videos of being blown into the water by the jet-blast are very so true – this is fun and at the same time, the not at all for the faint-hearted.

We few into Saba after a few days of hiking on St. Eustatius. Our little plane flew smoothly, but the approach was really stirring. Saba’s runway, the shortest commercial runway in the world, is a mere 400 meters long. That is minuscule! But the gigantic boulders to the right of the plane as you glide closer to the airport are HUGE!. The tips of the wings of our craft were waaaaay to close to the rocks for comfort! Our pilot must have nerves of steel!

So we drew nearer and nearer until… Touch down!!! Our captain raised the engine immediately to provide as much reverse thrust as the engines could muster.  I am not sure if our fearless pilots could have avoided it, but we had to get right up to the end of the runway to turn. Oh, I forgot to mention that both ends of the runway end with sheer cliff. We are talking a 90 degree drop to rock and sea. Just… wow!

Amazingly, neither island has ever had to endure the tragedy of a fatal crash. Still, this is heart pumping stuff. And this just one aspect of our adventure abroad. Just wait until I write about hiking into the crater-rainforest of a hopefully extinct volcano on St. Eustatius. But that is a post for another day.

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