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My home was filled with tunes from Bob Marley one chilly autumn morning. I had been living in Europe for several years at that point. “No woman, no cry” filled my home and whisked me away to memories of a warmer climate. Particularly when Bob struck a chord, literally and figuratively. Mr. Marley sang about cooking cornmeal porridge, of which he’d share with me.

That did it. I was whisked away in time and space to rainy, lazy, tropical mornings during my stay on Statia. I was greeted with the familiar smell of fresh cornmeal slowly churning in a small pot of warm, bubbling milk. Cornmeal porridge was the kind of food that was eaten during hard times. That is what the old folks taught us, and why Bob sang about it in his legendary song.

The recipe required for the delicious, yellow gruel to be cooked is with one or two cinnamon sticks. We’d always start from the outside of the bowl and work inwards as all islanders do. A great way to start the day, accompanied by a cup of freshly picked Curacao sage- or lemon-grass tea.

Eventually, my mind drifted back to my autumn morning as the song  played on. I worked the pan of soy milk on a low fire, wondering how many kitchens in the tropics would be serving this familiar meal when morning breaks there. And a smile crept across my face as the fragrance and sounds filled my apartment. I could not help but feel connected somehow to Caribbean homes who may be enjoying the same dish in about 5 or 6 hours.

Image courtesy of GBerkel

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