Try these activities during your visit:

(beginners’) scuba-diving courses, snorkelling/diving excursions, the 100 meter Charles Brown, Marine National Parks

Island hopping is worth it for the marine life alone! The Caribbean is known for great food. Particularly it’s amazing sea food. But seeing these amazing creatures in their amazing environment is an amazing experience.

The incidental and unexpected encounters are perhaps the best. I understand that it does not happen very often, but my wife and I had some unexpected visitors one Sunday afternoon at a beach picnic on Statia. I was in the sea when I saw something darting over the water. Perhaps I was mistaken. It could have just been s few silvery waves as they were nearing us on the shore. But looking more closely, we noticed that those were not waves. Rather, a school of flying fishes were making their way though the sea near our part of the beach! It was really unexpected and quite a sight. Their trek by our section of the strand lasted about 10 minutes. But that was a very, VERY cool 10 minutes!

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