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Bird watching is not a pastime enjoyed my many Caribbean nationals. But it can be fun, especially when the birds come to you.

I had been visiting my dad for a few weeks. He is very close to nature. The garden around my childhood home is lush with fruit trees and an assortment of shrubs. And perched over the porch are the blossoms of a few hibiscus plants.

My dad and I met in the morning. He is not much of a talker. We would share a few freshly picked bananas, mangoes or papaya. After a few briefly exchanges regarding our thoughts on matters of the day, we would sit in almost absolute silence as the sun slowly rose and evaporated the morning dew.

The hibiscus flowers were in full bloom, vibrant with colour and fragrance. As the breeze caressed the foliage, we were visited by a friendly green-throated Caribbean hummingbird (Eulampis holosericeus). It was making its rounds of the flowers it knew would provide it with sufficient nectar to start it’s day. Skilfully, it danced around the leaves, positioning and repositioning to enjoy a healthy breakfast until satisfied. And then off it went. Whereto, I do not know.

I spent about three weeks with my dad. And I truly enjoyed spending those morning moments with him. And every morning that we did, the same humming bird appeared at the same time every morning for its morning routine. It had to be the same bird. The size and colours were exactly the same, beautiful shiny green head, blue highlights in the tail feathers and it’s chest had a slightly golden tinge. In addition to this, the dance among the same lush, red flowers was almost exactly the same the same. It was a faithful companion during our morning routine every time.

The tiny island I call home is known to be a tropical paradise. Our nature parks are a great place to get close to nature. But it is always a very unique encounter when nature get close to you on its own initiative. I will be travelling back home in a few months. My dad and I will enjoy our morning routine again. And when we do, I hope that we will be joined by another winged friend for breakfast, dancing among the fragrant hibiscus flowers, on cool Caribbean mornings.

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