Try these activities during your visit:

beach picnics, picnic on uninhabited islet, hiking and nature trails

Imagine the ease of mind that comes with trading in systems of millions of people for a community of just a few thousand. Or envision exchanging a hectic morning commute for a sunrise while strolling on an abandoned beach.

The contrast to my daily morning routine could not be more striking. My regular routine is hectic and bustling. I traded in my apartment down town  for an accommodation just a few minutes removed from the ocean. Then again, the island is tiny.  So, everywhere is just a few minutes away from the ocean.

There I was, on the beach for a morning stroll. The morning star gradually faded from the sky at daybreak. There I was, all alone with my thoughts as the rays of the rising sun warmed my face, as the sand shifted between my toes. The salty air filled with the sounds of crashing waves and the gentle trade winds.

I would not overstay my visit to the tiny island. My city needs me. This escape from my usual hectic pace was a planned and deliberately temporary one. But from time to time a drastically different environment is needed to recalibrate and resettle oneself.

I’d head back to the grind in 3 days, followed by to 2 to sleep off the jet-lag. Then it’s back to business. But for now, I will embrace a few more days of sandy morning strolls.

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