Close Caribbean Encounters is a Dutch sole proprietorship founded in 2016 by Glen Berkel. Glen has a unique mix of regional expertise, environmental insight, international finance experience, tour operations exposure, leadership and vision. A native of the region, he moved to The Netherlands in 1995. Although he visits his homeland regularly, he has gained a breadth of knowledge and skills from his educational and professional endeavours in Europe. He holds a degree in International Environmental Science, specializing in sustainable process management. He returned to the Caribbean during his studies to complete an internship assignment in nature policy management and erosion mitigation for the regional government of the Netherlands Antilles and St. Eustatius municipality.

Glen has been employed in the international finance organizations of two Fortune 500 companies with offices based in the UK and The Netherlands. While at these corporations, Glen gained a strong reputation for leadership, bridge building and organizational effectiveness. Following his tenure at these companies, Glen was employed to work in the travel package calculation department of Sundio GmbH, one of the largest tour operators in The Netherlands and Belgium. His tenure in the operations department of this company afforded him much insight in the ins and outs of tour operation. He has a passion for Business Process Management and sustainable process improvement. But above this, his zeal is to see the Caribbean live up to its potential internationally by engaging the region’s best assets: its climate, natural resources and its people.